Many People are Seeking Other Ways to Make some Extra Money

The days of door-to-door sales are pretty much over, but a new and exciting way to make money from home has emerged. Many people have tried to make a buck selling nutritional products or cosmetics as consultants, but it can be difficult to get established. More and more people are seeking new ways to make an income from home and are becoming quite successful at it while still having fun. The important thing is to find something that you enjoy and to find your niches. Then it won't feel like work at all and becoming a consultant will seem effortless as you bring in some of that extra cash.

Selling from Home is Easier than You may have Feared!

More and more people are getting into the wine business because there is no product to store, items to be shipped, or bounced checks to deal with. It is very similar to the Avon business model where you utilize direct selling. You only take orders and send them back to the company that you work for, and they handle all the billing and shipping.

There are many US Wine Companies that offer direct sales programs. How it works is, that new sellers pay a one-time fee that can range from $49 to $199. Then in return, they receive a start-up package that may include a set of glasses, information on the various types of wines that they sell, information on how to get started, and up to six bottles of wine, depending on the package selected.

Wine consultants make their money off of commission, and it can range from 15% to 40% depending on how much wine gets sold. The prices of wine can range from $14.50 to $200 a bottle.

If you are not into the wine scene, there are still plenty of other companies looking for consultants to host parties to sell their products. If you know a lot of people in your area that might be into jewelry, then it would make sense to get into selling jewelry. It helps to network and get a feel for the market before diving in headfirst but it is still important to find something that you will enjoy doing or it won't be a very enjoyable journey.

If you want to get into selling a product that simply won't do fantastic in your area, then it may be easier and more profitable to sell more online. It's important to get to know your market so that you will be sure to be a success.

Whatever you are selling from home, whether it be wine, Tupperware, or cosmetics, it seems to be a good way to make money from home these days. In-home parties are the wave of the future, and the average consultant hosts about two to four parties a month to make it worthwhile. This doesn't mean that they are all in-home, however and can include virtual and online parties.

Direct orders can also be placed right through customer accounts. Many products, especially consumable items, can be re-ordered easily and even auto-shipped to the customer.

Keep Your End Up

>Although it has become much easier to get your product sold these days, thanks to technological advances, you still need to follow up with the customer and do your bit. Don't let the conveniences of our time break the personal bond between consultant and customer. Your customer still needs to be gently prodded and reminded of your products and appreciates your time.

Don't rely too heavily on technology to do the work for you. It will still be a lot of work and will take some time to get your business going. If you want to be successful at anything, you need to put the time and effort in. Utilize the tools of technology but don't expect it to make your sales for you-only you can do that. Your client is still buying from you, and you need to bring what you have to offer to the table. If you do that, then there is nothing that can hold you back and you will become unstoppable.

Many companies will offer incentives such as special discounts and rewards to get people o buy more. This also makes it easier to make a sale. Be sure that you keep your customer informed about the current perks of placing an order and the incentives of ordering more.

Why you do it

Whatever your reason is for getting into direct sales, whether it be for the freedom, some extra income, or just to have some fun and socialize, it can become a very profitable pastime. Some people have turned their fun hobby into a six-figure income and get to do what they love.

The Technology of Sales

These days, there are so many ways to get sales with the help of technology. Selling via a live video still, counts as a pleasant experience between the consultant and the customer and is a great way to get in touch with your potential buyer in a world that is just too busy to socialize in person. Speaking with someone live and hosting an online party makes it a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved and also makes it possible to deliver your sales pitch.

It also gives your customer the chance to visualize the products that you are offering and to ask any questions that he/she may have. Many companies are also utilizing this great convenience and can train and update their consultants via live streaming.

Technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch with their consultants as well and can keep connected in many ways. Companies can utilize the Internet to make announcements, on social media and push e-blasts, as well as inform consultants about incentives to sell more. You can run your business right from your smart phone, which is very convenient.

You can even get paid by direct deposit. Companies are also able to send out push notifications to customers directly to inform them of new and exciting products and promotions, so you never have to worry about forgetting to let them know. Technology is doing half the work for you.

Technology makes it Easy to Sell Your Product

Whether you host strictly in-home parties to sell your product or combine in-home marketing with online sales, there are many ways to get your product out there and to get it sold. The age of technology is now and is making it easy and convenient to reach potential sales all over the globe without you ever having to knock on a door.

Be prepared to be patient because it can take time to build up your sales. It takes time to get to know people, and it takes time for people to catch on to the fact that you are now a sales consultant. You don't have to be just limited to one product, either.

If you feel like you have the time and want to pursue more than one product, then do it. The more products you sell make it more likely that you are going to continue making a good level of sales. Over time you will discover what is selling and make you a good profit and you may want to adjust your product line. The best way to see what sells is to try to sell it. Your customers will let you know what they want.